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    Sun, 1st Jul at 9:30pm UAE

    Looking to cure his terminal cancer, Wade Wilson agrees to undergo an experimental treatment. Wilson is left disfigured but with powers to heal himself. Meet Marvel’s new anti-hero – Deadpool!

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    After Earth

    Sun, 8th Jul at 9:30pm UAE

    Humans have abandoned Earth and have settled on Nova Prima. General Cypher Paige and his son Kitai crash-land on Earth. Stranded, Kitai embarks on a dangerous trek to locate their rescue beacon.

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    X-Men: Apocalypse

    Sun, 22nd Jul at 9:30pm UAE

    En Sabah Nur awakens after thousands of years and wants to create a new world order. Professor X and his team of mutants must stop this apocalypse before it’s too late.

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    Ice Age Collision Course

    Sun, 29th Jul at 9:30pm UAE

    Scrat is at it again…inadvertently setting off a series of cosmic events that threaten the existence of the world. Manny, Diego, Sid must try and stop the deadly meteors from hitting Earth.


Tuesday July 17 , 2018 UAE Timing
Great Expectations 1:30am
The Comebacks 4:00am
Damsels in Distress 5:30am
Great Expectations 7:30am
The Bridge 9:30am
The Comebacks 11:30am
Damsels in Distress 1:30pm
Great Expectations 3:30pm
The Bridge 5:30pm
Custody 7:30pm
The Equalizer 9:30pm
The Chaperone 11:30pm